Borgie Forest Walk

The Borgie Forest Walk follows a gently descending footpath, making this an easy and pleasant walk for all abilities. Please be aware that it is a 30-minute drive away from Altnaharra.

The Borgie is a 7 mile river that flows from Loch Slaim to Torrisdale Bay. Between the 12th of January and 30th of September, the river offers fantastic fly fishing as the salmon make their way north. This is also a popular spot to fish for trout. Catch and Release is enforced until the 30th of May. After this date it is still encouraged and observed by about 60% of fishers.

The signposted walk begins on the NC664585, just off the A836. Leave your car in the first of two car parks, and notice the artistic map that stands at the north end. Here you can visualise the spiral pathway winding through the trees that form characters of the Gaelic alphabet. At the heart of the spiral stands a curved stone wall, and there is a second path branching out to a bench with lovely views over the water.

The route couldn’t be simpler: just follow the footpath through shady trees and past river banks bordered with waving bulrushes, keeping your eyes open for birds and otters.

A short detour across the wooden walkway takes you to a scenic bench on the river bank, the perfect spot to pause for a picnic. There are more tables dotted along the main route.

After lunch, return to the path and follow the winding river until your trail heads back into the forest on a gradual ascent.

Borgie Forest Walk

You can read more about the forest on their website.